Jacqueline Kaye Hammack, J.D., (Mississippi & Louisiana) is a movement lawyer and doula dedicated to advancing the rights of mother-baby dyads in pregnancy, birth, and beyond – through matrescence and early childhood. Jacqui was empowered by her own experiences with midwifery care and mothering through breastfeeding to expand her practice beyond her comfort zone in family law and cultivate a reproductive justice practice. She works to support and promote the civil and human rights that are unique to the relationships of pregnancy, breastfeeding, and daily caregiving of very young children.

Jacqui’s work is grounded in an intersectional human rights and reproductive justice framework. Her practice is centered on advancing the rights of mother-baby dyads in pregnancy, birth, and through the vulnerable, transcendent, indelible years of matrescence and early childhood. Through a variety of contexts and initiatives – from hands-on birth and postpartum support to legal advocacy – she endeavors to ameliorate the injustices suffered by mother-baby dyads in the kyriarchy of the American republic.

Jacqui is a graduate of Tulane University Law School, Jackson State University, and Holmes Community College. With 15 years of total legal experience, Jacqui is highly organized, extremely detailed-oriented, able to work on multiple projects simultaneously, and delivers on tight deadlines.

Jacqui lives and works in the Jackson-Metro area of Central Mississippi, and remains plugged in to the City of New Orleans. She is a member of her local La Leche League chapter and that of the International Cesarean Awareness Network. Jacqui also serves on the board of the Birth Rights Bar Association and the nascent Mississippi Center for Birth and Breastfeeding Equity. As a Madriella trained birth and postpartum doula, Jacqui offers emotional, educational, and physical support to local families.

Jacqui is a millennial, but just barely: a xennial, with an Oregon Trail childhood and AOL adolescence. At age 35, she is still navigating matresence three years after the birth of her first child, and contemplating the prospect of a geriatric pregnancy in her future. Jacqui is married to a musician struggling with toxic masculinity. She has yet to achieve competency with twitter, but can be found on facebook and linked.

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