Jacqui is a movement lawyer licensed in Mississippi and Louisiana. She is a graduate of Tulane University Law School, Jackson State University, and Holmes Community College.

Jacqui’s practice is grounded in an intersectional, human-rights framework. Dedicated to social justice lawyering, Jacqui works with marginalized communities to promote and advance civil rights and liberties, using a combination of traditional litigation and creative advocacy strategies.

Jacqui works with various firms and organizations to maximize her capacity to effect meaningful change in the deep south. She is a litigation associate with Bizer & DeReus, where her work focuses on protecting the civil rights of disabled individuals. She also advances birth justice through pro bono work focused on protecting the human rights of mother-baby dyads in pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding.

Jacqui is based in the Jackson-Metro area of central Mississippi. She is a member of her local La Leche League and the International Cesarean Awareness Network. Jacqui also serves on the board of the Birth Rights Bar Association.

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